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Public Lands  

10 Hot Properties

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If you want to submit an application to purchase a particular parcel, click the Add to Cart link next to the parcel you want to apply for.
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Apply ParcelNo LegalDescription Address County STR AssessedOwner MarketValue
072C05D098 Lot 39 North Place Reserve PPIN 46427 TD 2MM Madison S5/T07N/R02E $27,000.00
072C05D097 Lot 17 North Place Reserve PPIN 46426 TD 2MM Madison S5/T07N/R02E $27,000.00
072C05D096 LOT 16 NORTH PLACE RESERVE Madison S05/T07N/R02E $45,000.00
072C05D095 LOT 15 NORTH PLACE RESERVE Madison S05/T07N/R02E $45,000.00
072C05D094 Lot 14 North Place Reserve PPIN 46423 TD 2MM Madison S5/T07N/R02E $27,000.00
072C05D093 Lot 13 North Place Reserve PPIN 46422 TD 2MM Madison S5/T07N/R02E $27,000.00

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